Making the Right Choice

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“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” —Jeremiah 29:11, NIV

We have all had a moment in time when we made a choice that changed our lives forever. In April 2013, my husband and I made such a choice.

We packed up our home and rented it out to a family.

After five or six months, while living in a small basement room filled with boxes, we received our visas to live and work in India with the Adventist Child India program.

This program helps children from very poor Adventist homes by placing them into Adventist boarding schools. They receive a sound education, enjoy a safe place to stay, and receive three meals a day. They participate in worship, Sabbath School, and church, and our greatest prayer is for all of them to choose Christ and walk with Him.

After almost nine years of being away from family and friends, I really wanted to go home. But I kept having second thoughts and was not sleeping well.

I had a nagging feeling that us going home would not be the right thing to do. So, one morning I spoke with my husband and shared my feelings with him.

After we had talked and prayed over it, we decided to finish the current five-year term. Our biggest reason for doing so was that we believed God performed miracles that helped us get our five-year work visas. The first miracle occurred when a young boy wanted to help. He asked his Sabbath School teacher to have a special prayer for us to get our visas. His teacher called us and said he would help—can you believe he knew the Indian ambassador? We received our visas soon after. Our second visa miracle happened because another friend knew the current Indian ambassador through his friends from India.

Without the help of these two men, we believe we would never have been able to reach India. In both instances, there is a longer story of God’s leading—but we believe God used these men to help us carry out His will. So did we make the right choice back in 2013? We believe we did. We are much closer in our walk with our Lord because we followed His plan.

It all began with surrendered hearts. Bill and I have learned that when your heart is surrendered to God, your mind and feet will follow.

May the Holy Spirit lead in your life, today and always!

Nancy Mattison Mack

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