I Place All My Days in Your Hands

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Order my steps in thy word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me. —Psalm 119:133, KJV

When a rare opportunity to work extra hours presented itself, I determined to take full advantage of it. But by Wednesday, the effects of longer hours and less sleep were evident. As I would not be able to work extra on Friday, I pressed forward.

As I crawled out of bed on Thursday morning, I whispered, Lord, please take me through today. Tiredness weighed heavier with each passing minute, and against my better judgment, I thought of leaving an hour early. I immediately dismissed the idea and focused on my planned departure time. But the thought persisted. So, too, did the tiredness.

I felt I would hardly manage to complete even my regular shift.

I considered the matter soberly. I knew nothing would be accomplished by falling asleep on the job, and that’s what was about to happen. Though I did not like it, I decided the most sensible thing would be to work one more hour, then leave.

Three traffic lights from home while waiting for the green signal, I thought I should stop at the bank nearby. I was in the wrong lane, so I reasoned there was no need to visit the bank. But the idea was compelling. With a sheepish, apologetic smile to the disgruntled motorists, I maneuvered my way two lanes over to the turning lane.

The parking lot was abuzz with activity, and as I headed toward the entrance, I realized the bank was still open. I printed out a transaction report at the ATM and noticed something was dreadfully wrong! I saw two transactions that I had not initiated.

And both took place in another country! The tiredness immediately disappeared, and suddenly the fifteen minutes remaining before the bank closed became precious! The manager on duty promptly attended to the matter.

Within ten minutes, a report was submitted to the fraud squad, and I had a new bank card and a new password. She commented how fortunate I was to have caught the situation so quickly. I praised God and apologized to Him for my stubbornness.

He had taken me through the day just as I had asked—and had shattered the enemy’s trap. I slept well that night! Lord, I choose to submit myself to Your will each day so that Your Holy Spirit can guide my thoughts, words, and actions.

Cloreth S. Greene

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