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And the LORD said to him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod. . . . Now therefore, go. —Exodus 4:2–12, KJV

I became frustrated and began to complain in my heart about certain matters for which I requested the Lord’s intervention and leading.

I had taken things out of God’s hands and begun to pave my own path through those circumstances, but without success.

One day, in the midst of my complaints, as if jolted by a bolt of lightning, I suddenly came to realize how much I was complaining.

I determined to change my complaining thoughts and speech to words of praise and thanksgiving. Even though I did not see immediate results, I knew from that moment God was fighting for me, and all would be well. The Holy Spirit now guided my thoughts to the words use what you have. This phrase became my daily motto.

I began to follow this counsel and have been using what I have—and allowing God to do the rest. Since then, it has been an amazing journey as I watch God work while I use what I have. So often, we choose our own way and complain, thereby giving way to the enemy of souls to bring destruction upon our plans. I am reminded of Moses when God sent him to deliver the children of Israel. Moses complained that the people would not believe or listen to his voice. It was then that the Lord said to Moses, “What is that in your hand?” Moses responded, “A rod,” and God performed a miracle. Then Moses complained that he was slow of speech and tongue, and God sent Aaron, his brother, to be his spokesperson.

Moses did as God commanded him to do with the rod and saw results.

And Aaron was the right man at the right time who was glad in heart to see his brother, just as God told Moses he would be. Like Moses with the children of Israel, results may not come all at once to deliver us from our circumstances.

But if we go forward each day trusting God and lifting up praise and thanksgiving, surely He will work all things for our good. What is in your heart, in your hand? How does God want to use you in His work today? Women of God, I want to encourage you to use what you have and watch God work miracles!

Elizabeth Ida Cain

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