Behind the Curtains

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But the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming. —Psalm 37:13, NIV

My husband and I saw her standing at the corner of one of our busiest intersections, shouting at someone. Her scandalous look pushed boundaries and shifted the public’s eye toward her. Our first thought was that she must be a sign spinner, one of those people who hold advertisements and dance on the streets. By the time the light turned green, we had already forgotten about her. On the other side of the road was a new McDonald’s with its golden arches and new yellow chairs. We decided to go for a quick breakfast before getting to the office.

As we got out of the car, we heard a shout behind us.

I turned to look and recognized the woman at the intersection.

She was heading toward McDonald’s.

I suddenly felt apprehensive as I hurried in.

We had already started eating our breakfast when she walked past us with her tray and sat at the table next to us, though there were plenty of other tables available.

Moments later, I heard strange voices coming from the table where she sat.

Not the yelling we had heard coming from her before; this time, it was a quiet, unintelligible whisper. I turned to my left, expecting to see someone sitting with her, but to my surprise, she sat alone. A moment later, the same incoherent whispers were heard again and again. But the woman kept eating as if she’d not said a word.

Who was she talking to, then? Then I understood! This woman was demon-possessed, and invisible beings were talking to her.

The dreadful, mocking laugh and the deranged look she gave us as she left the restaurant confirmed my suspicions.

The struggle that takes place behind the curtains of the invisible world, between loyal and disloyal angels, is real, though not often seen.

These incidents leave us perplexed and afraid.

As we approach the end of our human history, the world will see more evidence of Satan and his angels at work. We need not fear, however, for our heavenly Father extends a protective curtain over his people. Ellen White says, “We must pray as did Daniel, that we may be guarded by heavenly intelligences. As ministering spirits angels are sent forth to minister to those who shall be heirs of salvation. Pray, my brethren, pray as you have never prayed before. We are not prepared for the Lord’s coming. We need to make thorough work for eternity.”

Olga Valdivia

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