God Sent Me a UPS Angel

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Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. I have made you and I will carry you; I will sustain you and I will rescue you. —Isaiah 46:4, NIV

The chest of drawers I had bought about thirty years earlier had finally become unusable. I was a poor graduate student when I made the purchase, so it was not the highest quality. It had served me well through the years, but its day had come and gone.

I visited a small business that specialized mostly in unfinished wood furniture. I selected one of the few finished pieces they had in stock.

Finishing furniture is not my idea of fun, and contracting the work out to one of the preferred vendors would add six to eight weeks to the delivery date.

The piece would be delivered the following week, giving me six days to empty out the old chest of drawers and move it out to make room for the new furniture.

I emptied the drawers and took them to the bulk trash area in my neighborhood. I still had to get rid of the chest, and I hoped the delivery people would agree to take it out for me. Two days before the delivery of the new piece, I was tired of looking at the old chest. I still had no guarantee that the delivery people would be willing to remove it.

Having been made of particle board, my old chest of drawers was quite heavy, but I managed to move it onto an old sheet and drag it out the front door and down fourteen steps onto the street. Once on the street, I stopped to make sure it was centered on the sheet before dragging it to the pick-up area. A passing car stopped, and a woman wearing a United Parcel Service uniform jumped out and offered to help. With two sets of hands, it took about a minute to drag the heavy chest to its resting place. I thanked the woman profusely, and she told me she was glad to help because she was used to moving heavy objects.

I had not asked God for help to move the heavy chest, but He sent a UPS worker, someone who was used to moving heavy items, to my street at the very time I needed help. Isn’t it amazing how He takes care of our needs? Even when we think we do not need any help—He promises to carry and sustain us. What a God we serve!

Jean Arthur

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