A City on a Hill

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Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. —Matthew 5:14, KJV

We live in unprecedented times. Bible prophecies are being fulfilled daily. Spiritual warfare is more pronounced. No matter the prayers that ascend to Heaven for change, things are not getting better. As followers of Christ—reflecting the image of Christ—we are the light the world needs to see. We cannot pick a time, place, or people on whom to shine.

We are called to shine without regard to class, language, age, culture, gender, or social standing. As Jesus’ representatives, we are united with the same mission.

With His power entrenched in our hearts, we will be able to overcome our daily besetments. People will notice and be drawn toward the Light.

But if we permit the cares of this world to rule our hearts, the light will dim. We will lose spiritual power. There have been times through the years when my light did not shine as brightly as I would have liked. Darkness crept in without my permission and took up residence in my heart and life. I thank God it did not stay that way.

During this time, I did not feel compelled to exercise my Christian witness. When I finally began to do so, it was just for display—not from my heart.

I was just going through the motions.

This only filled my heart with anger and resentment rather than the peace for which my heart was designed. A darkness filled my life without relief.

It was suffocating. I pretended well, and people did not seem to notice. But it was not easy. Deep down inside, I cried for deliverance.

My light grew dimmer, and I felt weary, fueled by self.

The world could no longer see the true image of Christ within my life.

I was hiding my light “under a bushel.” I called on the Holy Spirit to cleanse me and fill me. He heard my cries. A city that sits on a hill can be seen from miles away.

Its light will draw everyone to behold its brilliance.

No matter the distance, it will illuminate everywhere for miles around so all may see. When we have the light of Christ within our hearts, wherever we go, whatever we do, He will be seen and His power will be displayed. Nothing and no one will dull His presence. As we continue our walk through life, may we all shine the light of Christ for all to see.

Let us be that city on a hill that cannot be hid!

Corletta Aretha Barbar

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