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“In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see, so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.” —Matthew 5:16, NLT

There are many career paths to choose from in life.

Some of us work in full-time or vocational ministry, some work nine-to-five in an office setting, and others travel around the world doing business.

No matter your career choice, the reality is the same: we are not alone on the job. Other people are involved. What an incredible opportunity we have to discuss God’s goodness with them. But, in sharing the Lord, be prepared for some challenges.

Many years ago, I worked as an office manager.

The owner was a good friend, and he asked me to help him as he built his business. I must admit that I was very concerned about working for a friend.

I feared our friendship would change and perhaps become irreparably damaged. I worked with him for some time, and things were going OK, but one of my challenges was his vocabulary. At times it was too colorful for my sensitive ears.

His temper gradually became a significant problem as well.

I began to regret agreeing to assist him in his business.

I did not look forward to going into the office.

In desperation, I started to pray for God’s guidance.

I repented from my un-Christlike attitude toward one of God’s children and asked Him to fill me with the Holy Spirit. God answered my prayer.

The change that occurred in the office was fantastic! Whenever my friend lost his temper with the staff, I would follow it with an encouraging word.

I began playing beautiful instrumental Christian music, which calmed things down. Going to work became a joy as the staff began to feel comfortable and happy to be there.

Best of all, I had the pleasure of seeing my friend accept Jesus as his Savior, entering the baptismal pool before he was laid to rest, awaiting the call of God.

God does not waste our experiences in life.

He works everything out for our good. The devil intends to do everything he can to distract us and cause us to question God’s love and promises. If he can get us to stop believing in God’s goodness, he will have accomplished his goal. Remember, God uses the challenges and circumstances in our lives for the good of all His people. Let us hold fast to God’s promises and shine brightly for Jesus!

Anysia Archibald

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