Great and Marvelous

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“Great and marvelous are Your works, LORD GOD Almighty! Just and true are Your ways, O King of the saints!” —Revelation 15:3, NKJV

As I took the towels out of the dryer, one of the dryer balls fell out and started to roll across the tile floor. I took a few steps, bent down, and picked it up.

But as I returned to folding, I reflected on what had just happened.

Without thinking about it, my brain had calculated the speed and path of the ball so that I knew just where it would be when I bent over.

Marvelous! Was I marvelous? No. But the God who created such a brain is marvelous! There are so many amazing things of God in nature, in our bodies and minds, and in happenings every day that are all beyond my comprehension.

I look out my window at 14,259-foot-high Longs Peak.

God lifted it up, and He can move it if He should wish.

We live within an hour’s drive of the Rocky Mountain National Park, but to get there, we must drive through the Big Thompson Canyon, which is itself a marvel.

There have been two major floods in the canyon in the last fifty years, with great loss of life and property. There was once a shop and a home along the Big Thompson River where we liked to stop to visit with the proprietors.

We enjoyed looking at their amazing American Indian art.

Then the flood. Now there is no store, no home, not even the land on which they once stood. Water. Powerful. Jesus called Himself the Living Water that refreshes and saves. He never uses His power to hurt. Just before this last Christmas, a terrific wind of hurricane force came over the mountains. Although we had done our best to secure our deck table, the wind picked it up and blew it against our house, breaking windows and the stucco siding.

It blew four of the heavy clay tiles off the edge of our roof.

Wind. So strong, and yet we could not see it coming or going.

Just like the Holy Spirit. A power beyond comprehension.

Take a moment to think about what great and marvelous works you see around you and in you. Some things we see now are destructive powers, but that was not the original plan. Today’s text is one of praise, the saints singing the song of Moses.

We can be there, too, singing our praises and thanks to the Living Water and the power of the Holy Spirit. Praise God each morning for His great and marvelous works, including those He is performing within you.

Ardis Dick Stenbakkers

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