Do Not Forget Your Belt in the Morning

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Buckle the belt of truth around your waist. —Ephesians 6:14, TLV

What does it mean to be an Adventist woman? What does it mean to be a spiritual woman? When I was little, these were not two separate questions.

But now, as a woman, they are. So what do I mean? When I was growing up, a proper Adventist girl would never be seen with pierced ears or eating from a plate containing meat. If sunset was 8:08 P.M., the Saturday night TV was on at 8:09 P.M., not a minute before. The only valid reason to miss church was illness or vacation.

And on Sabbath, you could wade in the water but not swim.

I knew the expectations and thought they were spiritual.

But I am learning. Life is pressing. I know you feel it too.

I have faced a family death, stress on the job, family turmoil, health issues, and a recent COVID-19-related financial hit. Add the nation’s political climate, ravaging wars, and decline of kindness, and the yoke is heavier than ever. And here’s the worst part—my tired spirit felt more real to me than God’s Spirit. Then someone spoke truth to my heart with the words, “You are going to get through this. The devil does not like what you are learning and doing. Just do not forget your belt in the morning.” My what? The belt of truth! I had become so weakened, I could not hold my shield of faith or my sword of the Spirit. I could not wear my helmet of salvation or my breastplate of righteousness. My prayer at night was, “Keep this tired servant going,” rather than “Refill this servant with truth.” I was a perfect candidate for the devil’s strike.

So what now? I believe that as Adventist women, we should lift the name of Christ boldly and allow the notion of religious perfection to fall away in shambles.

I believe we should buckle the truth around our waist and live as women who find their worth in Christ alone—all day long. I believe we should show young girls the access to Love they have in this life of confusion and conflict. As Adventist women, we are called to empower our homes and the workplace with the belt of truth. We are redeemed even when we are exhausted. We can walk in beauty with a messy bun. We can walk as worthy despite our mistakes.

We are forgiven, chosen, redeemed because we are loved by the King Himself. So do not forget your belt in the morning, girls. Warrior.

Redeemed. Loved.

Heather VandenHoven

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