What a Wonderful Savior

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For we live by faith, not by sight. —2 Corinthians 5:7, NIV

Women in Antigua look forward to the first weekend in June.

During this annual women’s ministries event, women from all over the island come together to meet with Jesus and receive empowerment.

A few years ago, our theme was “Women of God Arise and Shine.” With everything in place, a wonderful weekend was anticipated.

Friday morning began beautifully, but as the day progressed, it was evident Mother Nature had plans to change a sunny day into a gloomy, rainy day.

It started to rain, and it continued with thunder and lightning all afternoon into the evening, when the meeting was scheduled to start. Our phones became busy.

Ladies everywhere wanted to know if the program was still on.

Others said, “The officials at the Met Office [Meteorological Office] are warning residents to stay indoors because we are in for some very bad weather. We should cancel the program!” After a few members of the planning committee consulted, it was decided that “no weather will stop the blessings God has prepared for us.” With that reassurance, I headed to the church, where I found several ladies had already arrived. Shortly after that, the guest speaker called to ask, “Sis, are we still on?” I responded, “I am at the church, and more than twenty ladies are already here.” “Well then, I am on my way!” she replied.

The presentations were powerful and practical as the presenter used her personal stories to show how much God cares for and loves us, and that He is concerned with every aspect of our lives. Ladies shared their experiences; some cried when they heard testimonies of how God delivered. Others became hopeful as they waited for their deliverance.

When women come together to worship God—good things happen.

We ended the weekend reassured that we serve an awesome, wonderful Savior. Sisters, God wants us to enjoy heaven with Him; that’s why He sends us message after message to help prepare us for His second coming.

Are we heeding the teachings, or are we still looking for a sign? My prayer is that we will accept Him today, for tomorrow is not promised.

Brenda Browne-Ashe

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