Our Garden

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The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. —Luke 10:2, KJV

One summer, I planted a garden, just a small patch in the backyard.

My plants—squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers, along with bell peppers—began blooming. Each morning, I awaited the time to go out to see the blessings from my heavenly Father. The vegetable plants blossomed and then began to bear fruit.

I was elated, took pictures, and shared them with family and friends.

I was excited as the first vegetables appeared.

I took multiple photos and placed the first fruits on my kitchen counter in a white bowl to reflect the beauty of the mix of colors. I sent pictures of my perfectly colored vegetables to family and friends. I thanked God for the blessings of my garden and began to feel His presence each day as I walked outside and picked fresh vegetables.

I came into the house to show my husband God’s miracles, His blessings, my harvest. The vegetables grew faster than we could consume them, and I was able to share my harvest with those at work, at church, and in my neighborhood.

I felt so proud that my green thumb had paid off, but I knew the real reason why. I thought of all the care given to my garden: the placement of each seed at just the right distance from another, the daily watering, plant food, and even friendly insecticides to keep small creatures from destroying the leaves. The sun gave its light each day.

Bees swarmed about, pollinating the buds.

Yes, I watched over my garden each day, making sure that everything needed was provided for nourishment and growth. Thinking of my harvest made me reflect on God’s harvest. We must plant the seeds of God’s love into the hearts of those we meet on our jobs, in our families, and in our neighborhoods. We may plant, others water, and still others may reap the harvest. God will bless us as He blessed my garden. I performed all three actions, planting, watering, and harvesting. In God’s garden of souls, we may perform one or all three acts, ensuring a healthy harvest of souls for the kingdom. We will know the effects of our care when we enter heaven and view the stars in our crown. May we all be blessed as we become laborers with God and hasten His soon coming by planting seeds of God’s love into the hearts of others.

Edna Andrews-Rose

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