The Dancing Hummingbird

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“Who provides food for the raven, when its young ones cry to God, and wander about for lack of food?” —Job 38:41, NKJV

Everyone has a song to sing, and no one can sing it for you.

Your mountains are rated for your climbs.

In a similar fashion, your valleys are designed for the depths to which you can plunge. Your experiences and my experiences vary, as do the lyrics, pitch, and melodies that form the harmonies that make up the song of our lives.

I meditated on these sentiments while sitting on my porch, surrounded by plants that lined both sides of the open space. The foliage was restful to the eyes.

The flower garden right below received many visits from butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. I marveled at how these little birds fit their beak into the tiny flowers to extract the delicacies buried between the petals.

Most marvelous of all was watching one of those creatures dance.

A hummingbird appeared in front of me, its wings flapping as it hovered in mid-flight just before my face. For about three seconds, it did its joyful dance and then departed. I had just read, “Rejoice in the Lord always” (Philippians 4:4, NKJV).

My favorite author declared: “Those professed Christians who are constantly complaining, and who seem to think cheerfulness and happiness a sin, have not genuine religion. Those who take a mournful pleasure in all that is melancholy in the natural world, who choose to look upon dead leaves rather than to gather the beautiful living flowers, who see no beauty in grand mountain heights and in valleys clothed with living green, who close their senses to the joyful voice which speaks to them in nature, and which is sweet and musical to the listening ear—these are not in Christ.” Contemplation brought me to the realization that my life’s song may be different from everyone else’s. Our songs are uniquely ours; despite their highs and lows, God translates them into a harmonious blend of praise for His glorious grace.

What is your song? Are you singing it for the world to hear? Has someone, like a beautiful hummingbird, briefly shared its cheerful dance with you? Seek to give cheer to everyone you encounter today!

Hyacinth V. Caleb

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