Is It Worth It?

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So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. —2 Corinthians 4:18, NIV

Is it worth it?” a lady asked as she carefully took one step at a time along a rough and steep climb toward Wineglass Bay, Tasmania. Both her knees looked weak, and she needed the support of two walking sticks to help her take each step. But she was not going to let that hold her back. She was determined to get to the top. I was descending when I noticed she was not even halfway up yet. She had heard of the beauty of Wineglass Bay, and regardless of the obstacles and difficulty, she wanted to reach the top. “You are doing great! Keep going!” I encouraged. Knowing that although she had made it through some rugged sections, there were still some difficult sections ahead, where even I had struggled. I had also heard of the beauty of Wineglass Bay and wanted to experience it for myself—despite the difficulties.

The breathtaking beauty at the top made me realize it was worth it! While riding on the tour bus toward our next stop, Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain, the driver reminded us that this walk was not a race and that we should take our time along the route.

There would be a bus for everyone regardless of when they finished. His words kept ringing in my ears as I walked, focusing on each step for fear of hitting an overhanging rock or tripping on tree roots. The surroundings were truly magical.

These walks reminded me of my journey to heaven.

After hearing so much about it and despite the difficulties, I long to experience it myself. Unlike my climb up to Wineglass Bay or the walk around Dove Lake, the journey to heaven is much longer. Distractions are many, but I have had a glimpse of what Jesus is like, and nothing is going to stop me from attempting to reach my destination, where I will one day see Him in all His glory. The lady with the walking sticks taught me through her example that I can make it regardless of my human weaknesses. What about you? Have you experienced times when you heard of something you wanted so much that you gave it your all to obtain it? What about your journey toward heaven? Toward Jesus? When He comes to take us on the final step of the journey home—we will all say—it was worth it!

Grace Paulson

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