God of Details

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The LORD is near to all who call upon Him, to all call upon Him in truth. —Psalm 145:18, NKJV

Our move to the United States occurred several years ago and took more than a year to transpire—once my student visa had been approved.

At the time, our two daughters were five and three.

The eldest was due to start kindergarten at the local public school.

The school year had already begun, so we rushed to complete all the necessary paperwork to get her enrolled. But with each item, something seemed to go wrong, or some document was not in the required format. We had been here for several days without having enrolled our daughter when my husband, who was the only English speaker in our family at that point, had to travel to Brazil for work. After he left, a friend who spoke English helped me complete my daughter’s enrollment. We were asked to arrive twenty minutes early on her first day of class. As classes had already started, I would then meet with the teacher to find out what to expect. The only problem was that my friend who was acting as my translator was unable to accompany me. I felt very apprehensive because I knew there was no cell phone reception inside the school, so I would not even have help from the translation app.

On the way to the school, I talked to God and asked Him to help me understand everything I needed and to put a kind and patient teacher in our path.

When we arrived at the front office, they directed us to the room where my daughter’s teacher was waiting for us. As soon as I opened the classroom door, the teacher came forward and greeted me in my first language, Portuguese.

I could not believe what was happening! I still remember the mixture of relief and emotion I felt. The teacher knew that we were Brazilians, and she spoke Portuguese because she was learning from her husband, who was also Brazilian.

I cannot express how relieved I felt at that moment! I do not doubt that God handpicked this teacher for this time, exactly when we needed someone to welcome us amidst all the changes we were experiencing. When I left the school and got into the car, I heard a still, small voice that said, I am the God of details. Rest, because I will take care of you.

I make a point of always keeping this experience vivid in my memory because that day, I felt God not just at my side—I felt Him carrying me.

Gabriela Trindade Rezende

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