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It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear. —Isaiah 65:24, NKJV

I get so excited when God directly answers a prayer within minutes of asking. Recently, a couple moved near to us, in Wyoming, from California, and my husband and I wanted to invite them home for lunch after church. We live way out in the country and were just a few miles from home when I thought to pray, “Father, it would be so cool if our friends could see one of the big herds of deer or antelope out here on the prairie.” We made the turn off the highway onto the dirt road, and about a mile and a half later, we saw a huge herd of antelope—probably around a hundred. We all stopped, exited our cars, and watched for a few minutes.

Our new friends had their granddaughter with them, and she was all smiles.

The herd moved quickly out of the area but was close enough for us to get a great view of them. When I got back in the car, I could not praise God enough! He had answered my hurried prayer within minutes of asking, but He had to have known I was going to ask, and He made sure to get the herd to where we could see them.

God does this all the time! What an amazing, attentive God we serve! It is not hard to serve a God who loves beauty and who created the wonders of nature.

Thinking of God’s quick response to my prayer reminded me of how many SOS prayers He has answered immediately in the case of emergencies.

I am a retired paramedic, and countless times, I sent up prayers for His intervention as I worked to help people in distress. God was always there.

Sometimes my prayers were not answered as I envisioned, but God always answered. I am sure, like me, you have prayed prayers for which you are still waiting for answers.

What helps me to be patient while I wait on the Lord is remembering all the answered prayers that I did not have to wait. That encourages me that the answer is coming, and when the Lord answers, it will be the best answer possible. I will smile from ear to ear as I praise His Holy name and give Him thanks. Praise God with me and say, “Oh, give thanks to the LORD!” You are chosen. You are His. And He will always hear when you talk to Him.

May He bring to your mind the many times He has answered you and you did not have to wait.

Mona Fellers

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