Miracle on the Mountain

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For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. —Psalm 91:11, NKJV

I have experienced many miracles in my life, but the clearest one occurred while my husband and I took a snowmobile trip with friends on Mount Shasta, California, United States. We drove along the power line up the mountain because the trees had been cleared, and it made for a great ride. Our three-year-old daughter rode on the snowmobile with me, and we were having a wonderful time. As we got higher up the mountain, the trail grew more complicated, so I asked my husband to take her on his snowmobile.

As we rounded the top of one of the many hills on the mountain, the snow sluffed off under my snowmobile, and I headed straight off the mountain, flying through the air! I held on to the snowmobile with both hands.

My body was not even touching the seat, and my legs flew out straight behind me. I touched down briefly at the next level of the mountain, soared off that ledge, and had air until I got to the next ledge. I remember not feeling frightened.

The only thought I had was This is how it must feel to die.

On my way to the next ledge, I saw a giant tree looming in front of me, and I was headed straight toward it! Then, I felt someone shove my left shoulder, and I flew off the snowmobile sideways and landed in the soft snow.

The now-empty snowmobile slammed hard into the tree.

I was stunned and lay still, thinking about what had just happened, replaying it over in my somewhat dazed mind. One of our friends, standing at the top where I flew off the mountain, witnessed the whole thing. I could hear him crying—he just knew I had died. I yelled up to him that I was OK, and he told me not to move.

He is an orthopedic surgeon, and he ran down the mountain as fast as he could to check me out. Miraculously, I was just fine except for a sore arm, which served to remind me of where my guardian angel had pushed me off the snowmobile and saved my life.

I am thankful my husband had my daughter on his snowmobile.

I knew my angel had saved her too.

A double miracle!

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