Consider the Lilies

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“And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.” —Matthew 6:28, 29, ESV

Last year, I planted some lily bulbs in my flower bed.

They grew beautifully—but did not flower.

This spring, I was so happy when they came up again.

I looked forward to enjoying some flowers.

One plant grew three feet tall.

I watched as it developed a bud, then another, until six buds appeared.

My excitement was palpable as I waited for the blooms to open.

To my joy, two buds opened and revealed beautiful deep brick-red flowers with tiny streaks of sunshine yellow. Oh! They were gorgeous.

I smiled and thought, I need to find my phone and take a picture.

Later, I went outside, and to my horror, the beautiful lilies lay on the ground.

My German shepherd, Tilly, had dug a hole and uprooted the plant.

I was furious with her. With tears in my eyes, I took a shovel and tenderly replanted it. I ran back inside to get my phone to take a picture of the beautiful blooms before they died. I had little faith the plant would survive the replanting. But the next day, I went out and looked, and the plant looked healthy. It had wilted as I had anticipated.

As the days went by, the two beautiful blooms died off.

Then to my surprise, the other buds bloomed.

God is so good! This experience is analogous to my life. When I was young, I gave my heart to Jesus. I grew and blossomed in His love. Then the enemy came along, disguised as a friend, dug me up, and removed me from the good soil where God had planted me. I lay dying and did not even know it. But God found me! He tenderly replanted me in good soil, and He has continued to care for me, removing weeds and feeding me with His Word so that I can establish strong roots. Did you know that King Solomon had the top of the pillars in the vestibule of the temple decorated with lilies of bronze? You can read about it in 1 Kings 7:16–19. Hosea records, “I will be like the dew to Israel; [she] shall blossom like the lily; [she] shall take root like the trees of Lebanon” (Hosea 14:5, ESV). I am thankful God rescues us from destruction and makes us grow when all seems lost. Under His tender care, we will blossom and thrive. God is so good!

Mona Fellers

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