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And He said, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” —Exodus 33:14, NKJV

As I read Joshua chapter four this morning, it evoked wonderful memories of God’s amazing love, protection, and guidance over the last several years of my life.

I could relate to the memorial stones that God instructed Joshua to take from the midst of the Jordan. Joshua had been chosen by God to lead His people into the Promised Land. After forty years of wilderness wanderings, the people were on the verge of entering the land first promised to Abram. But another obstacle appeared—the river Jordan, which Joshua records as overflowing its banks (Joshua 3:15). They needed a miracle.

Have you ever received a clear indication from God to go forward, but all you could see were insurmountable obstacles? I remember when God made it clear I needed to quit my job. I was reluctant to leave because it provided a good income.

I decided to fast and pray for guidance.

After three consecutive days of fasting and prayer, it was clear God was leading me to the United States. But there were several challenges, including insufficient funds and an inability to secure a job or housing prior to my arrival.

One of the requirements of my job was to give an extended notice of resignation or forfeit unused benefits and salary. I anxiously submitted my resignation in order to meet the requirements. Fear gripped my body and twisted my mind into anxious waves of despair and worry.

What if I resigned and things did not work out as planned? As the departure day drew nearer, the obstacles were still present. I added to my resignation “that I be allowed to resume my job and keep my position if things do not work out as planned.” Looking back, I see God’s patience even as He tested my faith. I intensified my prayers, and my faith was bolstered. God took my right hand with His righteous right hand and led me through the Jordan of obstacles.

Today, I have a collection of “memorial stones”—monuments of God’s miraculous interventions, especially during the tough times of my life.

I look back and remember I have a personal and powerful God who cares about my very intimate needs. Do you have memorial stones that need to be revisited? May they remind you of the God who is for you!

Tamar Boswell

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