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He predestined us for adoption to sonship through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will. —Ephesians 1:5, NIV

At camp meeting one summer, a good friend of mine teasingly asked, “Why don’t you have another baby?” I replied, “I do not know! I have had one, and you’d think I could have another. But if you find one somewhere, please let me know.” We both laughed and dropped the subject. A few months later, she called and asked if I was really interested in getting another baby. I said, “Yes, indeed, but let me talk to my husband and get back to you.” I called later and confirmed our desire. Several people were ahead of us on the adoption list, but she told me she would let us know if they lost interest. I thought to myself, Well, I guess I can forget that! Not long after, my friend called back and told us we were on top of the list! We were delighted. A beautiful baby boy was born in October—now we had two little boys.

On the trip home from getting our baby, my emotions turned to tears as I thought of the mother who had given up her baby. I determined to give him the love of two mothers. Years passed. We had told our son early on that he was special and that his mother could not take care of him, so he had come to live with us. On his ninth birthday, while we made his cake, he said to me, “I wonder if my other mother remembers it is my birthday?” I assured him I thought she did. (We later learned that his birthday was the worst day of her year.) We told our son that if he ever wanted to find his birth mother, we would help him do so.

He called one day while in college saying he was ready.

We contacted my friend, she made some calls, and yes, we learned the mother would be glad to meet. Weeks passed before our son got the courage to make that special call. When he did, his birth mother was delighted to hear from him.

Long story short, years have passed, and a good relationship has developed between them. When we met her, our hearts were warmed as she thanked us for sharing her son with her. Friends, Jesus has adopted each of us, and someday we will be able to meet Him face-to-face and thank Him for all He has done for us.

Marybeth Gessele

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